It's been a while since I've done one of these compilations but well, I've been in an organizing mode lately. I get into these moods where I feel like I have to re-organize my life and re-organizing was definitely a huge thing lately. Been trying for the past month to consolidate our things, get rid of doubles and trying to sort things into our 25 IKEA expedit boxes. Wedding things are still floating around, we still haven't seen our professional shots from the big day itself, let alone the video compilation... and that's just the life part of it all.  Work is a whole new can of worms, don't get me started.

Anyway, so when I get these moods, I sit down, literally chuck everything out from all their usual nook and crannies onto the floor, make a huge glorious mess that eventually end up in multiple piles that hG likes to term as "amy droppings".. and start putting things back. Of course, these moods are accompanied by loads of list-making. Oodles and oodles of lists, to-dos, to-files and so on. Not that I manage to complete any of my lists. I used to be quite good about it but have lost a lot of steam in the past few years. Now, I'm lucky to even get through a quarter of my lists, but nevertheless, the process of making them tends to be therapeutic.

So here's a few of the sites I've found myself on lately...

Pearltrees  - a one-click bookmarking system online that saves each page as a "pearl" that you can consolidate into "trees." best part is that you can "pluck" pearls from other users to link up with and search or browse for either users or pearls that run along the same vein as your own, or whatever else strikes your fancy

Flickr - most people should know what this is without needing much prompting. recently rediscovered =)

Tabbles - tag your files!! cross tag your files!! Now, I don't need to remember where I've buried or what I've named a file =) All I've gotta do is type in what the file is in my mind .. or what I wanna look for (like typing in "ortho" and "xrays" and "left" to bring up all jpegs of xrays taken of left wrists, hips, femurs etc). awesome for work, awesome in general!

Ninite - haven't tried this one myself.. not quite game enough to but keeping it at the back of the mind for when I become very desperate. It's a one-stop shop for installing commonly used applications in a few clicks.. useful for when you've just reformatted or gotten a new computer to start filling up again!

Hmmm.. and now, some online window shopping! if only i could print my own moolah. oh, the technolust never ends =( - 'nuff said. - also 'nuff said.

wall scratch world map

a few "hmmmmm.." ones to throw in while we're at it:

 happy clicking!

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