i just need to get this out of my system

i had all these great plans for today
to finally clean up and all
to pack and stuff

so i cleared out three huge bags of garbage and lugged them down to the garbage room
was surprised by this dude coming out from somewhere in the distance - hadn't heard a car door close or anything during my trek from elevator to garbage room. that's usually a good indicator that someone's just gotten out of their car, right? i mean, most people close their car doors as a last step after getting all their stuff out the car, right? so yah, i got startled a bit.

shrugged it off, went into the garbage room. the place was full of bins, i forgot what colored tops were what.. why can't they just make garbage bins for normal garbage with the same awful army green lids, and the special recycling ones with different colored lids? why do they make both "special" by giving them different colored lids from their bases? i always get them bloody confused, especially with the colors having nothing to do with the contents. you'd think that the recycling bins' lids would be like bright green, blue or brown or something that screamed "ECO!" or "SAVE THE EARTH!" but no.. it's yellow. wtf am i supposed to link with yellow? a banana?

so yah, i get mixed up and dump my largest bag of garbage in the yellow-topped bins and then get distracted by the door opening. i didn't even get a chance to work out i needed to dump my trash in the red-topped bins. i eventually would've on my way out when i saw the red-topped ones but all i saw when i walked in was a sea of yellow, so i had assumed that it was for normal trash. anyway, the door opened. it was the same guy that startled me earlier. i was even more distracted. no, he wasn't hunky. he wasn't even hot. i was really confused as to why he came in to latch the garbage room door open, empty-handed. thought most people came in the garbage room to dump trash. so what did he want? i was stumped for only a millisecond before he started telling me how to recycle and pointing out what could and couldn't be dumped in the recycling bin. i was like, "yah and your point would be?" not realizing that the bloody yellow ones were for recycling yet. so he comes over and starts dumping my bags IN the trash bin and pretty much takes over. i was so flabbergasted at the gall of the guy, especially after he grabbed my empty, folded IKEA reusable bag from under my arm to dump in the recycling bin, that i just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. to get as far away from the guy as possible. now. instinct took over, i clammed up and dumped my trash to get out of there asap.

not only until the guy was out of eyesight (which took a while because he managed to catch the same same elevator as i did, and then walked for a block out towards the shopping center in the same direction as me) was i able to slow down and think. and then fume. and FUME. and fume so much that retail therapy, an sms and a phone call couldn't cull it. so here i am. fuming. i so need to let go. =(

but seriously, this is one of those.. wtf, who DOES that?!?!? moments. i should start an anthology of these one of these days..