all in a day's work

what's the oddest thing that's happened to you lately?

i vaguely remember a time when these randoms would happen on a more frequent, regular basis and i must admit, i kind of miss my misadventures. the boy.. now upgraded to the fiance.. would most likely be shaking his head, glad that my magnetism for the oddballs is waning but i beg to differ. gone are the days of random people sending me their resumes (nice to know they were once blueberry pickers proficient with microsoft word.. but hell if that'll be the clincher to the date they were after!!).

but that being said.. i seem to be attracting same-sex oddballs nowadays. a funny thing happened on the way to the bathroom just the other day during fracture clinic. sick, sniffly, tired, sleep-deprived with a headache knowing there were 57 patients waiting to see you/your registrar was not an ideal state to be in, but sick, sniffly, tired, sleep-deprived with a headache with 57 patients waiting to see you/your registrar and desperately needing to pee was even worse. dashed off to the bathroom and barely had time to arrange myself and do my stuff when i hear a knocking on the door not 3 seconds into utter bliss. "someone's in hereeee!!" i called out. i didn't expect to hear "i have a question to ask you" as the reply. i was so utterly perplexed i forgot what i was doing for a bit in an attempt to make sense of the reply. failed to do so and took my time. imagine my horror when i walked out of the bathroom.. the one-cubicle bathroom with walls so thin i could hear the waiting room tv whilst inside.. yes, that bathroom. imagine the horror when i got accosted by an elderly lady who promptly asked "do you remember me?" my brain was more like "omgomgomgsheheardmepee.omgomgeew!" took me a few more seconds to focus on what the lady was saying and she eventually lifted up her skirt to show me her week-old bandaged knee from her knee replacement surgery to ask when her dressings should be changed. i managed to splutter out a reasonable response and she happily hobbled away to her physiotherapy appointment, leaving me gobsmacked in the middle of the corridor with the realization that i had just encountered my first stalker patient.

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