schticks and scatterbrains

a scatterbrain i am
and a scatterbrain i'll be
i'm sorry for all the troubles
that seem to follow me!

it sometimes feels like rainclouds
strive to do their best
to drench and soak and make me shiver
to put me to the test

but then i see that silver lining
the one that makes them rainbows
there're always lessons to be learnt
to keep me on my tippy toes

like just this past week
i've been such a dope
i've locked myself out again
should've learnt but.. nope =(

and then came the RTA
they're the Aussie DMV
they refused to see that i was me
despite my guarantee!

my driver's licence was apparently bad
for it didn't match my cards
i showed them bills and more and more
but they viewed them with disregard

i had to come back with my passport
which showed yet another name
couldn't they just look at my pic
and see that they're all the same?!

we eventually worked it through
and i passed my theory test
it starts again with part two
won't they ever just let it rest?!

in excelling, you get penalized
in failing, you get away
what kind of place am i stuck in,
i shake my head in dismay

i've been driving for the past eight years
and because i've passed my test
they treat me like a newbie driver
no more solo drives.. i protest!!

and then last week i was cornered
to get my fluvax shot
'twas my first and i kicked up a fuss
but the wiley needle lady, she heeded me not =(

there's more to whine but i shall stop
for by now, i'm sure you're all sick
i'm glad of how things are as of now
i hope there'll be no more shcticks!

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