mandatory vacations suck

this sucks. i have the rare opportunity to go aaaaaaanywhere in the world for about two weeks. anywhere i want (granted, it still depends on how deep my wallet is but still!). eh-nee-where! and i don't know where to go.

i have to get out of the country so they can give me my permanent residency visa on my "new" arrival back to australia. seriously, how messed up is that to begin with but i won't even go there. the issue at hand is to pick out a place i can bum at for at least 8 working days while they process the piece of paper called my visa and i'm quite stuck. i have to leave within 5 days to fit it all in my work schedule. urgh, the gggnargh-ness!

so let's see.

taiwan? most sensible. parents, free accommodation. angst foreseeable due to friction from too much time with the family. can take the time to study because there'd be nothing else to do though. but i just went back! =(

singapore? hot, humid, no free accommodation, was just there. can catch up with people i've missed but that's about it

new zealand? pretty, always wanted to go, nearby.. but the boy can't come and we had wanted to go explore the place together =(

japan? haven't been in a while and would be nice to go but again, the boy can't come =(

korea, greece, south america? would be fun, haven't been but again, the boy can't come =(

los angeles? nobody's left, everyone's moved on with families and careers so there's nobody to catch up with

too bad tasmania isn't officially its own country.

so there you go. a rare chance to go anywhere i want because i've got no other choice and i think i'm settling for taiwan. urrgh, how utterly sad.

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