happy holidays!

what a week it's been since returning to australian soil! managed to come back in one piece. for those of you curious about the airbus 380... let them iron out the kinks first before you let yourself be game enough to try new technology. our flight was delayed two and half hours from sydney to singapore. we started to accelerate at the top of the runway before decelerating not 2 seconds afterwards. looked out the window onto the wing to see lovely streams of smoke trailing behind. the captain put me out of my misery with his announcement a few minutes later by saying we had to return to the terminal to change the plane's tires.. and that there was a minor techinical fault with one of the engines. i turned back to the window to spy four fire engines trailing our plane back to the terminal. when the plane finally took off, everyone clapped and cheered.. it's been a while since i've been in a cabin full of cheering strangers. our luck couldn't have been any better. our flight was delayed again on the return trip, what were the odds! this time, the tire pressure light apparently sounded prior to take-off and the pilot wasn't sure if the light was faulty or if the tire pressures were truly low. back to the terminal before we finally lift off.

in the spirit of the holiday season.. c'mon everyone, feel free to sing along with me now.

on the twelfth day of r'turning
my karma gave to me
twelve crazy patients
eleven more as nutty
ten bagels weekly
nine dental fillings
eight missing cards
seven hours of working
six new hairbands
five working days!
four plants dying
three dental bills
two wonky handphones
and a dead car battery!

happy holidays from the newest fluff, bah'wahn and the rest of the fluffmily!