who DOES this?

seriously, who does this? it baffles me to no end to stumble upon such unique specimens of the human race every so often...

what kind of person comes up to the main desk area of a hospital ward to borrow a pen to scribble down a phone number and never returns with an uncapped pen? worse still, the person didn't even have a relative on the ward! now, all i have left of my purdy pen is its cap you see above. hmph. seriously, what're they gonna do with a half used un-capped pen. i spent the rest of the day providing great entertainment to the nurses everytime i decided to whine out a "gimme back my pehhhhhn" when i saw my pen cap hanging forlornly from my ID tag lanyard.

what kind of person goes to the laundry room in the dorms to take all your wet clothes out from the washer and plonk them on the dirty bench so they can use your machine? worse still, what kind of person opens the dryer door for whatever reason while your clothes are in there tumbling towards dryness and then leaves the door open so the timer runs out and your clothes are still wet an hour afterwards when you go down to collect them? (yes A, like i told you, i don't think i'll ever get over that one)

what kind of person blocks up a whole lane of cars in a one-lane street for the next few minutes waiting for a good time to make an u-turn? drive around the block dammit! selfish prat!

what kind of person catches your eye from the back of the car in front of you and then proceeds to pick his nose AND eat his booger.. all the while watching you?!

any more you'd like to add? the more the merrier!
here's to the start of a wonderful holiday season..
may we all survive it.

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