ortho's come and ortho's gone
and it's been weeks since i've moved on

they chucked me back to ol' eee-dee
oh how it's disagreed with me!

i hate the fact that it never ends
that stream of patients makes no amends

headaches, toothaches and bleeding noses
life sure ain't a bed of roses

chest pain, sprains and broken bones
stuff that i greet with big fat groans

it's never enough that you do your job
patient expect more, or they will dob

and then you have 'em chinese-speakers
they latch on 'til i turn a streaker!

as if they deserve some special care
don't you assume, oh don't you dare!

my hat off to those who like the term
the thought of ed just makes me squirm

the only thing that gets me through
is the fact i love my ed crew =)

so on i stay for a month or so more
and then i'll be rid of this terrible chore!

but in the meantime, please bear with me
i'll be cranky and whiny and be hardly free!

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