So.. my ortho term started.

My first week started in chaos and ended in chaos, w00t! go me.

Monday found me showing up half an hour late because Medical Admin sent me the wrong info pack and therefore, I got the handover last Friday from the wrong team. To think I was so happy to hear that all the discharge summaries have been done for all the inpatients... I showed up Monday to find that NONE of my patients had bloods ordered over the past weekend. Some hadn't had a blood result since the middle of the previous week. So wasn't impressed. Then there were the pre-admission clinics to attend, without a stethescope of course so I could assess my patients pre-operatively quite well thank you.

Tuesday found me telling an old demented chap from a nursing home that I had to put in a catheter. I was less than an arm's length away from his face - I thought he was deaf and drowsy. I was so wrong.. next thing I knew, he had taken a swipe at me and punched my right eye. By the time I got the catheter inserted, with the help of a male nurse.. both the nurse and I walked away with our battle wounds. The guy had dug his nails into us and clawed us relentlessly.

Wednesday found me in the operating theaters - short notice and short of staff due to sickies. Went in for the wrong operation so I ended up assisting in two rather than 1 surgery...

Thursday found me a sugar daddy. Well, he was a rich elderly stuck up and eccentric guy who said he had no daughters, how he wished I was his daughter and would I like to have lunch or dinner with him and his wife during the weekend, and how nice it would be if my parents were here so we could all have a group meal and chat. ....ahhuh.

Friday found me introducing myself to my boss twice, once in the morning and once just before he left. I had forgotten that I'd met him before you see....

I can only hope that the rest of the term gets better =)

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