season two

it's nearing the end of term.. one down, four more to go before i mark the end of my resident year. if you were counting my life in terms of scrubs episodes, we would be around episode 6ish of season two. season two! goodness, time's flown.

so here's an itty bitty li'l ditty
one of those random bursts
the term's nearly done, what a pity
for i went through a lot of firsts

i learnt a lot and felt more comfy
relating to matters of the heart
those ecgs still don't fill me with glee
but i'm a wee bit closer to perfecting the art.

this term has been full of laughs and tears,
snorts, giggles, grins and shrieks,
frustration and angst with cavaliers
or when an ignorant patient speaks.

i've dealt with death and liars,
gentlemen, absconders, fools and saints
we've had drunks and high fliers
a colorful picture, my workplace paints!

the variety that's normal, or "nfc"
along with the staff, will be something i'll miss
for i'll be dealing with bones, wherever they'll be
the rest of the body will no longer exist

hopefully though, i won't become one of those
those surgeons that don't know medicine
and can't recognize a nose..

i'm starting to ramble and run out of rhymes
i think i should end this before i commit any crimes!


but before i go, a wee bit of goss
here's my thank you for my mentor and boss!