borrowing santa's sleigh

if i could be santa
for just a single day
any day of the year will do,
how 'bout the fourth of may?
i'd traipse around the world
in my special santa sleigh
i think i'd ditch the reindeer though
you'd think they'd rather play.

there are so many friends,
and all of them dear
i have grand plans to catch up with all
but time always falls short, i fear

i'd travel in my santa sleigh
i'd visit friends far and near
but 'twas too late to catch up with one
now i've one less friend who's here

i had barely started this ditty
and then the bad news broke
it came in the form of an sms
i had hoped it was one twisted joke.

at first, it was just disbelief
and then the news sunk in
why in the world would he take his life?
when it was just about to begin...

i don't think that anyone's quite sure
the whys and hows will keep us a'guessing
i just hope that he has escaped his pain
having the chance to know him 'twas indeed a blessing.

tonight, i've returned from an end-of-term meal
and such an awful feeling 'twas to know
that i couldn't catch up with all who came
some didn't even hear my hello =(

as much as i know that life goes on
though i've bawled my eyes out just yesternoon
it still feels just a tad naughty
to be enjoying life, or whistling a tune

but time, as usual, will always pass
so i guess it's just as well
that there's work to do and camps to attend
no time for unhappy thoughts upon to dwell

speaking of friends in this ditty to nowhere,
my borrowed sleigh still firmly parked
i've been catching up with an old classmate of mine
and finally... well something sparked ;)

now two more days are all i have
until the resident year begins
whatever the new year decides to bring
guess it's good enough to start with some grins

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