it's been a while.. again

been a tad busy lately (nooooo... really?), hence the hiatus. seems like everytime i have a grip nowadays, it fizzles out before i have a chance to hit the computer.

quick update on the ins and outs of my world in the past couple of months. much like the numerous discharge summaries i've been typing up.


Thank you for the ongoing care and concern of aemii. She is a 27yo female who presented from home with a two - three month history of wanting to vent but not being able to find the energy or time to do so.

see previous notes

presenting complaint
lack of time secondary to obligations called work with associated decreased energy and enthusiasm

- finished up relief term on a week of night shifts, got one week of rest before plunging into a term of geriatrics
- had psyched herself up for geris as it was rumored to be a busy hellish term
- found that it was manageable despite having no registrar for nearly half the term, dealing with a gastro outbreak requiring wards to be locked-down and dealing with delirious, sometimes psychotic patients that needed security to show up at one point
- completed term of geriatrics in one piece, sane.
- managed to move into a new house in middle of geris. bought and paying mortgage now. boo!
- commenced ED term
- decided on Day 1 that she would much rather do another 9 weeks of geriatrics than another 4 days of ED

Sunchips/Grain Waves
Chinese take-away

Heavy lifting


At discharge
- Told to count the days til the end of each lot of shifts instead of the end of term
- Need to clean up and unpack everything at new place
- For follow-up within the next week after discharge as needed for monitoring of medication compliance and mental state.

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