all warm and fuzzy

really guys, i couldn't have asked for anything more. thank you for remembering and thank you for taking the time to wish me anything at all! all those shout-outs on facebook, the surprise cake and guests, that annual phone call that i had totally forgotten about, another surprise cake in taiwan... thank you for making me feel that i mean something to someone out there =)

some of you may know my take on birthdays.. what's there to celebrate? it's not like people are dying young nowadays and hitting 30 is a huge feat.. well, maybe it is for some still. in my little bubble-padded world though, i take a darker spin on birthdays. if there's any celebrating to be done, i say that the poor mothers should be celebrated for having gone through the horrible process called childbirth.. and not only survived it, but survived living with the parasite-turned-new-life-form that they plopped out for the next however many odd years.

what's there to celebrate? either way you look at it, it's quite depressing. you're either one day closer to death, or you're one year older (complete with the wrinkles, the responsibilities and all else associated with growing up).

anyway, despite being of such opinions, i still turn into a pile of mush at the onslaught of well-wishes i get every year. really really.. from the bottom of my heart (yes, excuse the mush please), thank you for letting me into your life as a friend. =)

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