the gripe that died on the tip of my fingers

Oh wow, it's been nearly two months since I've last posted. Oh ho, what a rarity that she's been whinge-free for two months, you say! Unfortunately, it's been the exact opposite. Too many whinges, many of them lacking the oomph to stay with my long enough until I get home from work to warrant the effort to recount them in detail here. Instead, they festered and bubbled and eventually sank into the depths of my memory.

Am currently doing a week of night shifts. They have their perks - a week off (unpaid though, boo!) after a week of shifts. Being able to get errands done because for once, I'm free when the shops are open. That's about it.. the free breakfast voucher we get is great, except that the food choices are so limited and awful anyway that I've only been able to stomach packaged drinks that early in the morning. Even then, I've only claimed one voucher. Usually dying to get out of the hospital by then.

Not in the best of moods. Just got woken up by a fire alarm that I think is illegal in terms of the decibels it emits. Dug out my pair of yellow airplane earplugs, squished them in each ear and could still hear the alarm at a volume one could call normal.. like you know, the volume you set your tv or stereo to. It's gonna be a loooong night.

And then I chanced upon this article online. Take away some creative license and still... boo. the oomph has already dissipated. might let this gripe die this time around...

gotta get ready for work.

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