not quite what i had in mind

it's been nearly a month since my very last post
i've been just a tad busy these past few weeks
juggling work and sisters, sleep and fun
and amassed some memories that are for keeps

we'll start off with boot camp, the butterfly kind
run by a sisterhood, for a few local teens
a grueling affair, 'twas this four-day camp
filled with smiles and tears at narabeen's.

what a relief it was to find
i clicked with her, my little sis.
i'd never guess that i would cry
but tears rolled out 'cause of that little miss.

i also got my first brush with fame
for natalie and sis were the honored guests.
everyone both big and small
wanted in on the photofest!

the first day of work overlapped with camp,
it wasn't ideal but what could i do?
i managed to survive our orientation
and also made a new friend or two.

meanwhile at home, my fluff became bored
they cooked up some mischief whilst home alone
poor sleepybear bore the brunt of their jokes
they took off his shirt, antics i don't condone!

the weeks rolled by and before i knew,
'twas australia day weekend wit lots to do!
my cousin had arrived, fresh from taiwan
we went 'round the city but had no time for the zoo =(

i also found a bottle of pink grapefruit juice
one called ami with a quirky little twist
they took us for idiots with a pronunciation guide
ah-mee 'twas how to say it, meant friend 'twas the gist.

the weeks dragged on, and i was always at work
my homebound fluff, oh they rejoiced!
hours on end to wreck havoc to my place 0.o
lotsa plans and opinions to voice!

work itself wasn't too bad..
i was slowly easing into routine
patients to see and forms to fill
i think i might've appeared too keen

that initial enthusiasm slowly waned
especially after my first weekend shift
'twas a mayhem to cover the place
i left the hospital a wee bit miffed.

this past weekend was really crap
more patients to see, more forms to fill
a caesar to assist, a token to keep
ooh that baby's cost me a hefty bill!!

i had on scrubs and my brown suede boots
when they cut her tummy and i was told to push
i heaved and i shoved until the baby came out
with blood and fluid, and also some mush.

it all sprayed out and onto the floor
it covered my scrubs and drowned my feet
it turned the floor into abstract art
a bloody mess my eyes did meet.

remember my gripes about Oh and Gee?
i still stand by all that i've said
the specialty's full of leaky ladies,
and bloody ones stuck in bed!

speaking of blood, 'tis bloody ruddy red
the same color that is used on the 14th of feb
valentines' this year passed without my yearly gripe
no, my caustic sentiments, they have not ebbed.

a day of hearts and bouquets of roses
of extravagant dinners and expensive candy
or lonely singles left wandering the streets
great for sales, my ain't that handy!

'tis all a conspiracy, some may say..
concocted by hallmark as they insist
why declare one day when the others just are,
as special enough too, to warrant a kiss?

anyway, i shall leave you be
that's quite enough rhyming, even for me.

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