didn't even hit twenty-four

i was supposed to go here:

i'm here at the moment... for the term doing orthopedics:

it's been only two days, only 20 hours.. and i'm already counting down the hours til the weekend hits. really, it could have been worse. i'm lucky to have a good bunch of interns starting out with me, a decent registrar (who's mostly in the operating theaters anyway) and a good senior who's been out for 3 years. it helps that he wants to be an orthopod.

so yeah, my first 20 hours of work consisted of two medical emergencies, got chastised by the infectious diseases registrar, got the first complaint filed against me by the patient transport department for trying to organize an out-of-hospital CT scan at the request the specialist and got lectured by the radiographer to "not do this again. that is really unfair. you know that. to come in and want us to drop everything to scan your patient. that is not right." those last two things brought me pretty damn close to tears today, out of sheer frustration at the unfairness of it all.

as A pointed out, "you do you mean to tell me that some woman at the patient transport office is telling a doctor what test is best for a patient, or that she won't send the patient, despite a doctor's order, to another hospital for a better CT scan because she doesn't want to spend the hospital's money (the government's money)??"


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