story of my life

so i went to get my keys this weekend and finalize the lease contract for the new place... pix of empty place soon, anj. or your could just make the trip down to see it in person with me one of these days =)

the lady at the rental office gave me all the bits and bobs needed and finally, directions to get to my parking spot that went something like this:

  • car park ramp just around the corner - go down the ramp
  • when you get in, turn left
  • then turn right - drive all the way done (yes, she meant down)
  • turn right again - go up ramp
  • up ramp - turn right
  • #719

goodness.. i thought it'd never end when she said she had better write down the directions. what is this, an obstacle course? was what went through my head. images of my driving test suddenly flashed through my mind.

this is what greeted me when the spot was spotted.



thank you for the snip, whoever's up there - that's not funny.
thank you, hG, for the snap and the company.

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