far, far away

in a land far, far away. that's where my head is right now. trust me and my awesome willpower to discover that they were running shrek 1 and 2 over two nights this weekend, cashing in on the newest installation of the jolly green ogre. yep. i sat through both. i giggled like an idiot at the aptly named idiot box. i aww-ed when puss in boots put on his huge sad eyes... *sigh*

though i don't hope for a fairy god mother like fiona's.. i've got enough human god mothers, thank you.. i certainly hope that this semester will end in a happily ever after. really. if there's someone out there, someone up there who's having a blast with this latest installation of the Sims.. surely there must be some compassion left to grant me that after all the drama in the past month?

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