now's a good time as any to say thank you =)

the influx of msgs and calls yesterday and today pulled at the heartstrings a tad. some, i had looked forward to. others completely threw me off.. pleasantly of course. like my dad's sms. it was a very "awww" moment. apparently, he was so proud of sending off his first international sms that he was waving the phone in front of my mom's face as he sent it off with a huge grin. he also later called to ask if i got his sms. aiyaiyai. my mom wasn't much better though. she let me a msg on msn with her usual spate of smileys. she has also set this to "amy" and now, that's all that shows up when she types my name. i've been reduced to a smiley. anyway, she too calls up to ask if i've received what she sent. took a few minutes to figure out that she didn't send an sms like my dad, but that she was talking about her msn msg. aiyaiyai times 2.

in the madness of everyone's daily lives, i was pleasantly surprised by a lot of you. i'm not the best when it comes to keeping in touch - i try and usually manage, but i also get hit with anti-social periods and those can last a while. i know everyone goes through something similar at some point in time so i was really touched that you guys made the effort. i don't mean to go all soppy, but really.. u guys made ma' heartstrings wobble hehe. the good sorta wobble. made me reflect on how good i've had it despite my constant whinges and rants.

groupmates, workmates, seniors, juniors, old friends, new friends and most of all, surprise friends.. the ones whom i thought had no idea i existed... thank you for indulging me, for putting up with me, for being there for me and for helping me get through my daily ins and outs. thank you for caring =)

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