my head hurts =(

i made it home alive, headache and all. the half pack of starbursts squirts i gobbled up helped. the idiot who's drilling goodness-knows-what 8 fllors down somewhere on the street at this bloody time of night isn't helping.

first day of ED rotation today. i was all gung ho about it and packed in two shifts back to back. 8am - 10.30pm. now that the adrenaline rush has died down a tad, i'm sitting here reflecting on today's events. it was all pretty basic stuff that came through today. despite it all, i've forgotten what acute medicine was like and was still very much stuck in the mindset of a med reg, but about 50x less knowledgeable and slower. being thrown head first into a mishmash of problems today has pretty much scared me shitless, even tho i know i'll get the hang of it during the four weeks. still, it's a very uncomfortable thought to know that i'll be out there in a few months' time doing this as a job. with responsibility. i hate responsibility.

today, not only was i stumped by ECGs for the umpteenth time, but the smell of ... well smelly feet will be forever engrained in those smell sensors of mine. good gawd. i had no idea four year olds could have stinky feet that rivaled the nauseating stench of an 80 year old's feet. now i do.

tomorrow, not only will i get there by 8am.. i'm insanely contemplating pulling another 2-shift day so that i can be another 14 hours closer to fulfiiling my weekly quota of hours and overtime. three days in a row of this.. and i can get thursday off! =D

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