more fresh hell

i'm not sure if you're familiar with this one belief of mine... that whoever's up there in the heavens doesn't like it too much to see us mortals happy and will quickly wipe off a smile if it's too big.

well.. here we go again! got another email from immigration just now. mr raolf poli to be exact. some underling at the immigration dept. remember that visa i just got approved a few days ago? apparently, whoever's sitting there rationing out visas wasn't very good at math because he frickin' screwed up and now, i'm one of the however many hundreds of people who're visa-less. they gave out too many visas and are now over-quota. wth?! i guess for those of you who haven't gotten your new visas or extensions approved in the past week, it won't affect you. this is only affecting those of us who've gotten new visas during this past week... damn my luck.


how kind of them to promptly email me... after all, i still haven't gotten a reply from my case worker. i emailed him at least 2 weeks ago. guess that might've been a sign back then, a sign indicating how incompetent and inadequate the whole department is. i guess i should've taken the fact that they've lost my records temporarily or the speedy approval as ominous signs too.
as for my visa status.. well, i have no way of calling them up. for all i know, my bridging visa isn't valid at this point.. meaning i've overstayed my visa by 16 days. thanks for providing a contact number "should you have any further enquiries" in your email! like that's gonna do any good until 9am tomorrow morning when you guys open. typical. idiots.

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