mid-week round-up

the good
  • i got to scrub in on most of our operations that included a total left knee replacement, suture a few cuts, don on a space suit and play around with therma-moldywhatchamacalit used to cement knee replacement parts
  • learnt how to put on backslabs for wrists and ankles properly with a cute physiotherapist
  • hopefully brightening up the days of two people with snail mail packages that'll be sent later this week
  • getting the snail mail reference letter from my best friend's dad - it was blush-inducingly written
  • catching up with nuls, abs and the rest of the gang
the bad
  • thoroughly embarrassing myself when i reluctantly agreed to volunteer my leg to be plastered - had to take off my smelly shoes and socks in the presence of the aforementioned cute physiotherapist who ended up propping my foot against his chest so my colleague to practice the bandaging
  • worried over internship allocations. apparently, i got a confirmation email telling me my application was received. never got it. asked for friend to foward it. never got that. allocations will be out on friday. fingers crossed that i get concord hospital.
  • had one of those dreams that was so real, it rudely awakes you and leaves you with a heavy feeling of general ickiness. was in the operating theaters all day monday and yesterday afternoon. they varied from digging out metal plates and screws to a total knee replacement. i guess that contributed to this awful dream where i was involved in a gas explosion along with a whole bunch of other people as i was running away from something else i can't remember now, got horribly burnt and had to limp towards the company medic for wound debridement and surgical repair.
  • not being able to catch up with the girls when they were up here for their graduation ceremony yesterday cuz i was in theater
  • that vtech campus shooting - i wish i could talk to the shooter face to face, furiously shake him by the shoulders and yell "why?!" over and over at him and possibly slap him til my arm dropped off. that.. or to possibly give him bilateral total knee replacements without anesthesia.
the ugly
  • my mom called sometime last week asking if i had called home - there was a missed call from an unknown number, said the caller id screen. i said no. there was an awkward silence that would've translated into "i answered your question, i didn't call. is there anything else you wanted?" that was later verbalized. a few more bouts of silences later, she hung up on me. never have i had someone purposely hang up on me before. i guess i'm lucky like that. to have one's mother be the first.. ouch. i was pissed off after that. was thinking... wtf is her problem?! first of all, i wasn't the one who called up... or was that precisely what she was pissed about?

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