the letter L

Today's entry is brought you you by the letter L and its little junior version, the letter l.

They would both like to tell you to look at the date of yesterday's entry. They would also like you to unscramble the name of the rogue immigration officer, raolf poli. For those of you who like numbers better, L and l are sorry that none of them could attend today and would like to offer you the unscrambled raolf poli by means of apology. he is, but an april fool.

Today's letters would also like to stress that lame as the joke may have been, the sponsor is still learning the art of bluff. This does not mean that the sponsor advocates lying and is feeling slightly guilty for perpetrating such a falsehood as yesterday's entry. Please accept our sincere apologies for any confusion caused.

The letters L and l would now like to say goodbye, boys and girls. They're tired. Have a good day =)

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