chooks and tummyaches

i've got a soft spot for the cute, the cuddly, the quirky and for chooks. this one pretty much fits the bill on all fronts - itty bitty keepon.

iwantoneofthose but it's still too shy to leave the lab!! >.< couldn't help but share.. so you can all join me in pining for one.

totally unrelated.. for all you medics out there, here's something for you to mull over. what could be differentials for sudden onset of localized dull epigastric pain that worsens at random, sometimes in conjuction with food and other times post-prandial on a backround of recent bout of flu with fever of high 38Cs/101Fs 1 day ago? pain doesn't radiate elsewhere, no relieving/aggravating factors, is 2/10 but reaches 6 or 7/10 at worst. no other significant signs/symptoms - no change in bowel habits, urinary symptoms, chest pain etc. fever has since resolved, residual throbbing headache mainly @ temporal regions worse with movement still present. associated nausea, aches and pains also since resolved. what're the bets on an atypical presentation of gastro?

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