pissy day

in an alternate universe where i was an egomaniac, i would insist that aemii having a pissy day induced the heavens to have a pissy day as well. that would explain the huge thunderstorm to culminate the day - one that's clouded my view from the balcony as well as figuratively reflecting my clouded outlook for the day.

in that alternate universe, the day begins at 9.30pm of the previous day and ended when it decided to end. in the middle of watching hugh laurie giving another wonderful performance as house, i was so startled by a sudden sharp burst of ear-drum popping sound that i lost any inhibition and cursed at the sliding glass door.. "what the fuck was that?!" now for those who know me, it takes a lot to get me to use the f* word. shit is usually the worst it'll ever get. bitch and asshole are thing that i telepathically use but something that i never utter.

so anyway, a couple long-drawn seconds of shocked silence pass before another mini explosion went off at my sliding doors. i seriously thought that however illogical, maybe it was one of the christmas lights gone kaput on the garland i had stretched across the balcony tiles. mebbe two of them went kaput, explaining the two bangs. then i heard the unmistakable clatter of a pebble after the second one and thought some idiot was shooting bb gun pellets or something at the building. an hour later, another round of explosions came. one could hear them clink clattering at various other sliding doors all around my unit. i still can't figure out who launched the attack, nor from where. all i have are the stones in their final resting positions after they bounced off the glass. one lays about 3 feet away from the glass door - must've come at quite some speed to bounce that far away. if you can figure out the projectile path, do post your theories... i'm guessing it came from the rooftop parking lot. this picture shows you what lies in front of my balcony. this is sorta the same view in daylight. keep in mind that i'm 8 floors up in the air too.

that officially kicked off pissy day but i was too scared to venture outside. the last thing i wanted was to be killed by some organic shrapnel. so i stayed indoors to rage and fume at all the idiots in the world and why more darwin awards have not been given out. the sun eventually rose, driving away scary shadows.

now to end the pissy day, here are rants one and two... coming right up!

one: immigration dept's one money sucking machine. went for medical checkup to get my visa extended. parted with..

a friend of mine worked with a rural doctor who was the only guy for miles around that was qualified to conduct medical assessments that the dept of immigration recognized. he gets $200 per patient he sees. notice how much they charge for item #2: student visa medical including the xray and photo (crappy photo i might add!). and the kicker.. they charge you for the express mail envelope! what a bunch of ebenezer scrooges!

two: newcastle seems to be harboring the majority of this state's reckless drivers, especially around the university. either that, or it seems to have the uncanny ability to attract them from elsewhere. mebbe there was a driving for dummies convention in session this week or something. all these P-platers are really ruining the rep for the minority that do drive safely. i say minority because the rest are made up from both ends of the driving spectrum - the speed devils and darwin award nominees on one end, and those who shouldn't be allowed to drive because they inch along at 5 inches per hour out of sheer fear. in the first half of my 30min drive, i encountered 3 idiots already. by the fourth and last idiot, i was cursing him to either get pulled over by a cop or to crash his car one of these days. some people need that to learn a lesson, if ever. yes, i'm malicious like that. the idiot was driving a white nissan pulsar with plates reading xqy-311. what good that info will do, hell if i know. it helped to diffuse a bit of the pissiness. giving him dirty glares everytime i passed him by also helped. yes, i hold grudges. i'm good at that. the idiot had cut me off as i was half a car's length away from the intersection line, about to make a right turn. idiotboy in the lane to the left suddenly decides he needs to turn right too and elbows his way, making me slam on the brakes in the middle of accelerating.

it's not so much his bad decision making that irks me. it's the fact that he could've caused an accident if i hadn't braked in time, or if the car behind me couldn't etc. what pisses me off is that he put my life in danger without my fricking consent. it's the same line of logic with regards to smokers. to all you smokers out there, sorry if i offend you with my stubborn wrath. i just feel that it's fine and dandy for you to consciously decide to kill yourself everytime you light up a ciggie, but for you to impose that same consequence of someone else is just wrong. you're killing me with second hand smoke without my fricking consent and frankly, mebbe it's ok with you to have black gritty lungs recovered at your autopsy but i sure as hell want to be as pink and pretty as a corpse, lungs included.

ok, i'm done. we can all escape from this awful alternate universe now. =)

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