just because

an email arrived the other day,
one of the sporadic kind
it was sent by one of my parents
a hundred things raced through my mind

i should've known better,
especially after so many years.
this was another attempt to get me a friend
and a chance to allay their fears.

just because i'm an only child,
doesn't mean i get lonely.
just because i'm studying med,
doesn't mean i make med friends only.

they say birds of a feather flock together
and i'd like to point one thing out
they naturally flock without much urging
especially from parents no doubt.

i'd really like for them to see that
and not shove every kid my way
to thrust random emails and numbers
so i can contact 'em all today

despite knowing that they do mean well,
i still get a little bit frazzled
whenever they pull a stunt like this
she too's in med! they expect me to be dazzled.

just because we're in the same course,
albeit two different schools,
doesn't mean that i have to call
and use my communication tools.

they think that we'll have lots to yak,
even tho they've never met her.
but hey, it's alright because she's a girl and
our parents had shared fun and laughter.

my dad belongs to a clan of three,
each of them has a daughter.
they keep trying to make us meet
we're still clueless about the other.

just because our parents are friends,
doesn't mean that we will be too.
i guess they'll take a while to learn
til then, there's not much i can do.

except to hope that they'll soon see
some of the different subtleties
that just because we're all chickies
is no gurarantee we'll be cozy as peas.

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