the good kind of madness

do you remember the last time you felt exuberant? the one recent time that always jumps to mind was when lu dropped by a few years ago and we went gallivanting around sydney and canberra. floaty. happy. content. extremely silly and giggly when paired with someone of a similar state.

yesterday was one of those rare days where i felt like atlas on a coffee break. floaty. happy. content. all because my three weeks of oncology was up. it was three weeks in a pressure cooker and i can't explain it. it wasn't that we had no free time despite having 28 tutorials that had to be signed off in addition to spending hours at wards and clinics. it wasn't that the tutors were excruciatingly mean if we didn't know any of the 27 different cancers we read up on. i'm not being sarcastic here for once. it may seem like a lot to cram into 15 days, but it worked itself out somehow and i even got a few early days, leaving around 2 or 3ish. it was cumulative i think... every day was graced with at least one spontaneous heavy sigh and a whole lot of inward groans.

but... i was quickly grounded after my call to immigration. those inefficient whatchamacalits. soo.. instead of working on my case report due on monday or on my reseach paper, i went to try my hand at making canneloni. mind you, i didn't have cheese to sprinkle on top with nor enough tomatoes to make a puree sauce base but dammit, i was gonna make my canneloni last nite. make it i did... even if i had to use salsa, ketchup and diced tomatoes to make enough sauce or if i had to dilute the little ricotta left with cream cheese, sour cream and milk to make enough white sauce. it wasn't half bad to eat in the end so it's now become one for the recipe bank =) the only problem is, besides all the other stuff i've cooked up in the past week to eat, i now have enough canneloni to last me through the next two weeks..

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