timesinks galore

thanks to limewire and gamefurnace's teevee (and to will for the link), i've managed to complete my heroes marathon over the weekend. all thirteen episodes that i could get my grubby hands on *beams*

i've also managed to catch up with a friend from sydney who came up here for the sake of catching up... crazy dude! yakked til the wee hours of the morning before he drove back down to sydney. set my alarm to wake me up in another 2 hours after he left to make sure i'd remember to sms him to see if he got back safe.sleep-deprieved drives are a concept that generally freaks me out. in classic amy fashion, i groggily sent off the sms to the wrong person at 4am in the morning. pooey =(

that, plus a relatively easygoing anesthetic rotation isn't helping me snap back into work mode very well. been working on knick knacks and paddy whacks around the house. the "welcome painting" you see below would be one of them. plonking away at my electric piano would be another time sink. negotiating with inefficient systems would be yet another time sink although it falls out of the "relaxing" range.

mr sleepyhead and quackers pretty much have it down pat, lounging around. for the majority of u that haven't seen my new place with furniture, let alone when it was empty... here are a few snips and snaps with my cameraphone. the sd card on my digicam konked out for some reason and insists that it contains no data. i insist otherwise. it's currently getting the silent treatment as i wait for a new sd card to arrive and i can take decent-qaulity pictures again. in the meantime, these will have to do:

living room, complete with mr sleepyhead, quackers, beanbag furniture

"family portrait" of sorts haning up on my wall. got so into the chubby people that i doodled some more instead of studying for oncology...

what greets you as you step in.. striped straw doormats that inspired the stretched canvas "painting" using pastels and paper/acetate cut-outs of an old tibetan mantra "om mani puht mi hom" as a sorta arty farty blessing. and with that, welcome to my new place =)

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