time is brain

back in first year, one of the carrot-topped neuro consultants pronounced that time = brain during one of his lectures. a friend modified it to time = chocolate later in the course. for me, it's been oscillating between time = food and time = knowledge for the past day or so.

for those of you who watch grey's anatomy, think of izzie's obsessive cooking/baking sprees and turn that down a few notches. that was me on the weekend. two full meals from paul's asian affair wasn't enough for me apparently. got hungry the next morning and made myself a batch of buckwheat pancakes. round pancakes are boring. lopsided ones are a tad more interesting but not very enticing to eat so i attacked my 4-inch tower of lopsided flapjacks with a cookie cutter and ended up with a mini pancake flood across my kitchen counter. of course, that wasn't enough for me. i took a mini cookie cutter and attacked all the leftover bits of pancake. they looked so sad in their raggedy state... and then i gobbled up the leftover leftovers.

that was only the start of the feast. by that time, lunch had rolled around and i stared at the leftover remains of paul's affair from last night. thought there weren't enough noodles in the laksa so i sent some spindly sticks into the vat of boiling water. one really does get value of money when it came to paul's affairs... there were more noodles than it first seemed, leaving me with a vat of superfluous cooked ramen. took pity on 'em and 20 mins later, they had shed their pasty white shade and donned on golden hues of spices and other bits.

with the tummy happily contented and taking a bar of hazelnut chocolate with me for the journey from kitchen to study, i flipped into time = knowledge mode. getting ready to head back there right now.

i rambled for longer than i intended. all i meant to do was to announce a little lapse with updates for the next week or four. oops. bad fingers!

started palliative care week today - in quite a callous mood and not very in tune with the touchy feely aspect quite yet. who knows if the rest of the week will do its job to change that... or if the notion of starting oncology next monday will plunge me into a crankier, hungrier state. anyway. i'm sure you'll hear all about it either way =)

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