hearts and flowers, rainbows and stars
smiles and laughter in a world without wars.
a wondeful life, it seems she leads
but notice the shadows and baby weeds?

loving friends and family, she has it all
everyone at her beck and call.
her home is a palace, one high in the air
where she resides with her teddy bears.

yet this princess continues to seek
more contentment, week after week.
it's not fame or fortune she seeks to find
just some sanity, and peace of mind.

an empty void remains in her heart
uncertainty will tear her apart.
future happiness in more ways than one
is a worry and spoils the fun.

a pile of contradictions, that she is
sometimes things are hit and miss.
anti-social, yet missing good friends
academic stress, yet lacking study trends.

she harbors a notion of illogical sense,
one where happiness becomes past tense
but only if it happens in excess
then things will return again to a mess.

this flitting and fluttering aint what she can stand
this laidback schedule, she'd rather have canned.
her time will hopefully be better spent
after she's done with this murky vent.

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