not quite thrice

what a day! they say bad luck comes in waves of three and my wave greeted me nice and early. guess i was paying the price for being pedantic - sliced a bit off my finger with my favorite ceramic knife while trying to chop my twizzlersf into bite sized pieces. hey, it gave me a reason to finally use these cute bright yellow pochacco band-aids i've been keeping since i was a kid.

thought all was well after that. i even managed to half scarf down a breakfast of mini flower-shaped pancakes from the weekend's cooking spree. as usual, there was a lot of sitting around doing nothing when i got to the hospital - the tea room has long since become the default direction to head towards in such circumstances. so all that milk from breakfast made me hafta search for a bathroom. a girl's gotta pee you know. if that was too much information right there, you should probably skip the rest of the text for your sake. if i was traumatized, i think you'd end up worse than petrified a la filch's mrs. norris from harry potter's world.

he-who-shall-not-be-named (out of fear of his ability to absolutely bore you to death with 2hr touchy feely sharing sessions) was the main culprit in this tale of utter embarrassed mortification. to cut to the chase, the lock on the bathroom door was obviously not clicked into the right grooves despite me turning it in the right direction. yes, it's what you're thinking. yes, the white-haired elderly doctor turned the handle and got as far as opening the door about half a foot before it all became clear. really clear. on hindsight, i think i was so mortified that i didn't even have the brains to lock the door after he had shut it. now i really have a good reason not to be able to look at him.

the day's not done yet, so i shall be extra vigilant for the third and last mishap to grace me with its presence. dumdumdumduhhmmm....

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