i'd like to pose a question to all those other people living here in australia... how do you all manage to get things done when businesses open at 9am if you're lucky, 10am if not.... and close by 4pm?! *grinds teeth* two days in a row now..

tried leaving the hospital early to get to the bank. got there at 4:03. they closed at 4pm. separated by a glass wall, i felt like some animal in a zoo exhibit.. trapped on the wrong side of the glass. the people inside stared for a few seconds before totally ignoring me. hmph. managed to get to the bank today. didn't manage to get through to the immigration department. seriously, four pee-em. the department of immigration! is it that you expect all immigrants and visitors to your country to be as free as a lark, jobless or be tourists so that 9am - 4pm would suit 'em all fine? i hope for your sake that's not the case. *grinds teeth some more*

and then! when you finally find time in the middle of classes or work or whatnot during your fleeting lunch break, you call and find that the rest of the country is on lunch break too. sooo... you sit there listening to the increasingly annoying ring ringo f the phone as it tries to connect you, only to be greeted by some prerecorded message telling you to call back later or leave a message. the worst part is that various institutions have different lunch breaks. the real estate agents won't take calls between 12.30 and 2 or something mad like that whilst other places vamoose between 12 and 1. others start by 11.30 in the morning and can't be contacted until 1pm. still others get back by 1pm but leave the workplace by 3pm even though they're supposed to be there until 5pm. now the hell is one supposed to get in touch with these people?! you tell me. please.

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