boys boys boys

what's with the spate of questions about the boys in my life lately? must be expired valentines' fumes that haven't completly dissipated. i'm flattered that people care enough to ask if there's someone special in my life to keep me company and doubly flattered that there are people out there who think i have a multitude of guys in my life to pick and choose from. wow. even my gramps was hinting at it... outta the blue, out of context with the rest of the conversational flow, he abruptly asks "so how old are you this year?" my gramps has never taken an interest in me per se... he's always been interested in what i've been up to, but never about what my favorite colors or favorite foods were. he goes on to inform me that i'm all grown up now, i need to do grown up things. ah-huhh...

the clincher came on sunday though. was talking with my parents, wished 'em happy chinese new year tho like any other commercialized holiday, didn't mean much to any of us except for a reason to call or be together. so yeah, my dad asks me what my new years' resolution would be this year. i told him i don't do resolutions - i don't see the point of possibly disappointing oneself if i don't attain the goals i set. with all the ups and downs of life, the unpredictability i've seen... *shrug* i'd rather take things as they come.

so here it comes.. my dad says with a hint of amusement "i heard from your mom that your resolution was to find a husband this year!" wtf. i was flabbergasted... that was so wrong. having this converstation with my dad was wrong enough. he who gets embarrased and squirmy when he finds out that it's "that time of month" for me. he who gets uncomfortable when he stumbles upon a bra in the laundry and realizes it's mine. besides, it's so wrong in that something like that would never have passed my mother's lips - she who sizes up any male classmate, colleage or stranger in my age group, she who screened my phone calls, she who thinks that all men are evil and dangerous. and the the resolution part. did he not hear what i just told him?! i don't do resolutions. and then that last bit, the icing on the cake. a husband!? dude, i don't even have a boyfriend yet... where the hell did the husband thing come into the picture? *faints*

it definitely wasn't our run of the mill conversation, especially not the usual ones i've been having with my dad that usually results in some teeth-gnashing and fervent indignant gnnaarggh-ing. this one was just so left-field that it passed by the usual conversation benchmarks and left them to bite the dust. that conversation soooo did not happen.

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