belated valentines

for the past 2 years, i've always posted a gripe against valentines' stuff or against guys. i thought it would turn into a tradition.. to do an anti-valentines' campaign just to be contrary. vday came and passed this year without much ado, same as it always does. tho belated, here's my annual gripe. instead of the usual gripe, this one's slightly off the tangent but a gripe nevertheless.

i flicked on the news after a mind-numbing 5 hour continuous run of lectures to be greeted by a story of anti-valentines day diehards in india. man, those people put me to shame with their anti-heart-day sentiments with their noisy protests and saying how they abhor all western influences, hence they hate valentines day too. i desperately wanted to ask them why they were still wearing pants and collared cotton shirts as shown from the video footage... or when they had become accepted as traditional indian garb. i realize that it's a new culture and those of the old may not like it, but that doesn't mean one has the right to abolish it. especially not in this day and age of a global village yada yada yada. it's like that old shriveled up penguin insisting that mumbles cursed them all with less fish, that they all must not sucuumb to the rhythm of his dancing happy feet. an anti-vday, anti-westernization protest. really now...

p.s. as a random aside.. my parents got themselves matching cell phones. my dad has the black one, my mom's got the white one of the same samsung model. on top of that, they've set their respective wallpapers to a photo of the other with me. how cute is that?! =D

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