not quite thrice

what a day! they say bad luck comes in waves of three and my wave greeted me nice and early. guess i was paying the price for being pedantic - sliced a bit off my finger with my favorite ceramic knife while trying to chop my twizzlersf into bite sized pieces. hey, it gave me a reason to finally use these cute bright yellow pochacco band-aids i've been keeping since i was a kid.

thought all was well after that. i even managed to half scarf down a breakfast of mini flower-shaped pancakes from the weekend's cooking spree. as usual, there was a lot of sitting around doing nothing when i got to the hospital - the tea room has long since become the default direction to head towards in such circumstances. so all that milk from breakfast made me hafta search for a bathroom. a girl's gotta pee you know. if that was too much information right there, you should probably skip the rest of the text for your sake. if i was traumatized, i think you'd end up worse than petrified a la filch's mrs. norris from harry potter's world.

he-who-shall-not-be-named (out of fear of his ability to absolutely bore you to death with 2hr touchy feely sharing sessions) was the main culprit in this tale of utter embarrassed mortification. to cut to the chase, the lock on the bathroom door was obviously not clicked into the right grooves despite me turning it in the right direction. yes, it's what you're thinking. yes, the white-haired elderly doctor turned the handle and got as far as opening the door about half a foot before it all became clear. really clear. on hindsight, i think i was so mortified that i didn't even have the brains to lock the door after he had shut it. now i really have a good reason not to be able to look at him.

the day's not done yet, so i shall be extra vigilant for the third and last mishap to grace me with its presence. dumdumdumduhhmmm....


time is brain

back in first year, one of the carrot-topped neuro consultants pronounced that time = brain during one of his lectures. a friend modified it to time = chocolate later in the course. for me, it's been oscillating between time = food and time = knowledge for the past day or so.

for those of you who watch grey's anatomy, think of izzie's obsessive cooking/baking sprees and turn that down a few notches. that was me on the weekend. two full meals from paul's asian affair wasn't enough for me apparently. got hungry the next morning and made myself a batch of buckwheat pancakes. round pancakes are boring. lopsided ones are a tad more interesting but not very enticing to eat so i attacked my 4-inch tower of lopsided flapjacks with a cookie cutter and ended up with a mini pancake flood across my kitchen counter. of course, that wasn't enough for me. i took a mini cookie cutter and attacked all the leftover bits of pancake. they looked so sad in their raggedy state... and then i gobbled up the leftover leftovers.

that was only the start of the feast. by that time, lunch had rolled around and i stared at the leftover remains of paul's affair from last night. thought there weren't enough noodles in the laksa so i sent some spindly sticks into the vat of boiling water. one really does get value of money when it came to paul's affairs... there were more noodles than it first seemed, leaving me with a vat of superfluous cooked ramen. took pity on 'em and 20 mins later, they had shed their pasty white shade and donned on golden hues of spices and other bits.

with the tummy happily contented and taking a bar of hazelnut chocolate with me for the journey from kitchen to study, i flipped into time = knowledge mode. getting ready to head back there right now.

i rambled for longer than i intended. all i meant to do was to announce a little lapse with updates for the next week or four. oops. bad fingers!

started palliative care week today - in quite a callous mood and not very in tune with the touchy feely aspect quite yet. who knows if the rest of the week will do its job to change that... or if the notion of starting oncology next monday will plunge me into a crankier, hungrier state. anyway. i'm sure you'll hear all about it either way =)


boys boys boys

what's with the spate of questions about the boys in my life lately? must be expired valentines' fumes that haven't completly dissipated. i'm flattered that people care enough to ask if there's someone special in my life to keep me company and doubly flattered that there are people out there who think i have a multitude of guys in my life to pick and choose from. wow. even my gramps was hinting at it... outta the blue, out of context with the rest of the conversational flow, he abruptly asks "so how old are you this year?" my gramps has never taken an interest in me per se... he's always been interested in what i've been up to, but never about what my favorite colors or favorite foods were. he goes on to inform me that i'm all grown up now, i need to do grown up things. ah-huhh...

the clincher came on sunday though. was talking with my parents, wished 'em happy chinese new year tho like any other commercialized holiday, didn't mean much to any of us except for a reason to call or be together. so yeah, my dad asks me what my new years' resolution would be this year. i told him i don't do resolutions - i don't see the point of possibly disappointing oneself if i don't attain the goals i set. with all the ups and downs of life, the unpredictability i've seen... *shrug* i'd rather take things as they come.

so here it comes.. my dad says with a hint of amusement "i heard from your mom that your resolution was to find a husband this year!" wtf. i was flabbergasted... that was so wrong. having this converstation with my dad was wrong enough. he who gets embarrased and squirmy when he finds out that it's "that time of month" for me. he who gets uncomfortable when he stumbles upon a bra in the laundry and realizes it's mine. besides, it's so wrong in that something like that would never have passed my mother's lips - she who sizes up any male classmate, colleage or stranger in my age group, she who screened my phone calls, she who thinks that all men are evil and dangerous. and the the resolution part. did he not hear what i just told him?! i don't do resolutions. and then that last bit, the icing on the cake. a husband!? dude, i don't even have a boyfriend yet... where the hell did the husband thing come into the picture? *faints*

it definitely wasn't our run of the mill conversation, especially not the usual ones i've been having with my dad that usually results in some teeth-gnashing and fervent indignant gnnaarggh-ing. this one was just so left-field that it passed by the usual conversation benchmarks and left them to bite the dust. that conversation soooo did not happen.


happy year of the golden piggy

for all those that do celebrate chinese new year, hope the golden piggy will bring you a happy one! for those of you that don't... or for those who're like me and are rather clueless about the exact traditions and rituals associated with the festive season, may my potato piggy bring at the very least, a smile to your face =)

happy chinese new year!


belated valentines

for the past 2 years, i've always posted a gripe against valentines' stuff or against guys. i thought it would turn into a tradition.. to do an anti-valentines' campaign just to be contrary. vday came and passed this year without much ado, same as it always does. tho belated, here's my annual gripe. instead of the usual gripe, this one's slightly off the tangent but a gripe nevertheless.

i flicked on the news after a mind-numbing 5 hour continuous run of lectures to be greeted by a story of anti-valentines day diehards in india. man, those people put me to shame with their anti-heart-day sentiments with their noisy protests and saying how they abhor all western influences, hence they hate valentines day too. i desperately wanted to ask them why they were still wearing pants and collared cotton shirts as shown from the video footage... or when they had become accepted as traditional indian garb. i realize that it's a new culture and those of the old may not like it, but that doesn't mean one has the right to abolish it. especially not in this day and age of a global village yada yada yada. it's like that old shriveled up penguin insisting that mumbles cursed them all with less fish, that they all must not sucuumb to the rhythm of his dancing happy feet. an anti-vday, anti-westernization protest. really now...

p.s. as a random aside.. my parents got themselves matching cell phones. my dad has the black one, my mom's got the white one of the same samsung model. on top of that, they've set their respective wallpapers to a photo of the other with me. how cute is that?! =D



hearts and flowers, rainbows and stars
smiles and laughter in a world without wars.
a wondeful life, it seems she leads
but notice the shadows and baby weeds?

loving friends and family, she has it all
everyone at her beck and call.
her home is a palace, one high in the air
where she resides with her teddy bears.

yet this princess continues to seek
more contentment, week after week.
it's not fame or fortune she seeks to find
just some sanity, and peace of mind.

an empty void remains in her heart
uncertainty will tear her apart.
future happiness in more ways than one
is a worry and spoils the fun.

a pile of contradictions, that she is
sometimes things are hit and miss.
anti-social, yet missing good friends
academic stress, yet lacking study trends.

she harbors a notion of illogical sense,
one where happiness becomes past tense
but only if it happens in excess
then things will return again to a mess.

this flitting and fluttering aint what she can stand
this laidback schedule, she'd rather have canned.
her time will hopefully be better spent
after she's done with this murky vent.


timesinks galore

thanks to limewire and gamefurnace's teevee (and to will for the link), i've managed to complete my heroes marathon over the weekend. all thirteen episodes that i could get my grubby hands on *beams*

i've also managed to catch up with a friend from sydney who came up here for the sake of catching up... crazy dude! yakked til the wee hours of the morning before he drove back down to sydney. set my alarm to wake me up in another 2 hours after he left to make sure i'd remember to sms him to see if he got back safe.sleep-deprieved drives are a concept that generally freaks me out. in classic amy fashion, i groggily sent off the sms to the wrong person at 4am in the morning. pooey =(

that, plus a relatively easygoing anesthetic rotation isn't helping me snap back into work mode very well. been working on knick knacks and paddy whacks around the house. the "welcome painting" you see below would be one of them. plonking away at my electric piano would be another time sink. negotiating with inefficient systems would be yet another time sink although it falls out of the "relaxing" range.

mr sleepyhead and quackers pretty much have it down pat, lounging around. for the majority of u that haven't seen my new place with furniture, let alone when it was empty... here are a few snips and snaps with my cameraphone. the sd card on my digicam konked out for some reason and insists that it contains no data. i insist otherwise. it's currently getting the silent treatment as i wait for a new sd card to arrive and i can take decent-qaulity pictures again. in the meantime, these will have to do:

living room, complete with mr sleepyhead, quackers, beanbag furniture

"family portrait" of sorts haning up on my wall. got so into the chubby people that i doodled some more instead of studying for oncology...

what greets you as you step in.. striped straw doormats that inspired the stretched canvas "painting" using pastels and paper/acetate cut-outs of an old tibetan mantra "om mani puht mi hom" as a sorta arty farty blessing. and with that, welcome to my new place =)



i'd like to pose a question to all those other people living here in australia... how do you all manage to get things done when businesses open at 9am if you're lucky, 10am if not.... and close by 4pm?! *grinds teeth* two days in a row now..

tried leaving the hospital early to get to the bank. got there at 4:03. they closed at 4pm. separated by a glass wall, i felt like some animal in a zoo exhibit.. trapped on the wrong side of the glass. the people inside stared for a few seconds before totally ignoring me. hmph. managed to get to the bank today. didn't manage to get through to the immigration department. seriously, four pee-em. the department of immigration! is it that you expect all immigrants and visitors to your country to be as free as a lark, jobless or be tourists so that 9am - 4pm would suit 'em all fine? i hope for your sake that's not the case. *grinds teeth some more*

and then! when you finally find time in the middle of classes or work or whatnot during your fleeting lunch break, you call and find that the rest of the country is on lunch break too. sooo... you sit there listening to the increasingly annoying ring ringo f the phone as it tries to connect you, only to be greeted by some prerecorded message telling you to call back later or leave a message. the worst part is that various institutions have different lunch breaks. the real estate agents won't take calls between 12.30 and 2 or something mad like that whilst other places vamoose between 12 and 1. others start by 11.30 in the morning and can't be contacted until 1pm. still others get back by 1pm but leave the workplace by 3pm even though they're supposed to be there until 5pm. now the hell is one supposed to get in touch with these people?! you tell me. please.