wayward backwards

one'd think that one would have sorted out old stuff and left that in last year. one'd think that one would start the new year with freshly baked ideas and a large sprinkle of gusto, excitement and anticipation at what the new year will bring. one would think so, if you define one as me. instead, i spent the start of the new year reminiscing. techinically, it was limited to just today as i was trying to sort out the mess that's my study.

old letters, old photos, old notes and old knick knacks opened the floodgates for a whole lot of good, bad and bittersweet memories. i came across the scrapbook i started during my 6-month stint of nothingness after my A-levels. It starts out with baby photos and progresses up to my first couple of months in newie. i never made it past that due to lack of time and lack of pictures. i think that's when i embraced the digital age and got a digicam.

may i be as bold to say that i was one cute kid? *grins* well i think i was, heh. the question then becomes... what the hell happened? maybe that was a tad harsh, but really.. i'm quite perturbed that i'm envious of my former self. yes, i was ol' four eyes with those horribly enormous glasses that nearly reached my chin but aside from that, i think that i had more accomplishments both academic and extra-cirricular than i have now. i also think i was a hella lot better looking back then. i mean, that was the time before zits and oily skin entered my dictionary! why wouldn't i be envious?

all in all, there were more warm fuzzies than stomach churning gained from the cleanup and rearranging. still needing a few things.. wouldn't mind a ton more that i don't absolutely need. like this pair of fishbowl bookends or these nifty storage boxes.

with a few more weeks til uni starts up again, it's also time to brush up on some cooking and bento ideas... sporks would be good but knorks would be just as good for packed lunches. i guess i wouldn't need it at all if i stuck to sandwiches like these tho i already use sporks like in the picture anyway. for those feeling less hungry, there's a BLT ring one could wear on one's finger rather than around one's waist.

also something in time for uni.. well, for those who need to sit for the SATs that are finding themselves short of time to study or would like to do some last minute cramming, you could try ordering a couple of these shower curtains.

i noe that january is traditionally the month when the post-holiday bills hit and everyone's a bit tighter in finances than usual (but hey, for those that celebrate chinese new year, there is always the incentive of red packets to look forward to soon to pay off some of those credit card bills!). still, that's no deterrent whatsoever to my online shopping habit... i can only take comfort in the fact that for now, it's all just window shopping =)the question is.. is it the same case for you? =P

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