much ado about nothing

happy 2007! new year's resolutions anyone? i cheat. i never make any so that i'll never break any either. kinda like how certain doctors boast a 100% success rate for particular procedures because they select their patients beforehand and reject any whom they think the procedure will fail in.

anyway, it's been nearly a month after signing the lease to this new pad of mine and it's still in a deplorable state in terms of being visitor ready. nevertheless, enough people have witnessed the shocking mess that i'm capable of creating. that being said, what they saw was a mess already half cleaned up.

i might propose a tease with possibilities of pictures of my new apartment once everything's been put in their places.. the same ones they'll be residing in for the next 18 months or more. that's half the problem - finding a "place" for everything, somewhere where they'll "belong" and it's harder than it sounds. the art of belonging in general is hard.

not very sure why i've been running around like a headless chook since the move. each day whizzing by, nearly something or someone popping up so that as much as i enjoy their company, i find nightfall creeping up on me at the end of it all. minor hiccups have already happened. the most inane one of all would be about the parking spaces. the Saga of the Spaces. finally got it settled once and for all in writing today. gist of the saga is that someone else was also promised two car spaces just like i was. the problem was that we were both promised space 37. would've been easily rectified - i wanted some sort of official document clarifying the conflicting statements of my tenancy agreement contract. one page said i was entitled to one car space, another clearly stated that i had two car spaces. both were part of the contract and the real estate agent said to go by the strata document that said two car spaces. the other dude was in the exact opposite situation as me - his contract entitled him to two spaces, the strata had assigned him one. he thought i was parking in his space, i thought he was parking in my space. the stupid part was that we both had one car each so technically, we didn't need space 37. i would've been fine with one car space and him having space 37 - my only condition was that i wanted something official resolving the conflicting information in my contract and the agent didn't seem too interested in changing it. had to call the department of fair trading and ask for advice to get the ball rolling. of course, the holiday season and the numerous days of vacation didn't help speed up resolution. thankfully, all's well. inane, right? bleah.

parents will be here next week. that'll translate to me being m.i.a. again for another couple of weeks. somehow, i have a feeling that there will be plenty of teeth-gnashing tales to be told soon afterwards...

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