a bolt from the blue

most of you may remember my obgyn saga. three times is more than enough to whet anyone's appetite.. and then some. i've only been back at the hospital for three days and has had something cringe-worthy happen each day. first was waving to a complete stranger with lotsa gusto - i thought he was my friend's little brother. should've seen the look on the guy's face... pure wtf?! splashed all over it. can't remember whatever made me cringe yesterday but it's ok. today tops them all.

first day of the rotation proper, for yesterday was only orientation. 8am start at the theaters. i saunter in, change into those familiar blue scrubs and grab my list. of all the lists on for the morning, of all the surgeons operating.. guess who's list i was on? completely forget the fact that i'd be attached to the anesthesiologists and not the actual surgeon... that's besides the point! of all the people operating this morning, i had to sit in on the obgyn prof's list. should've gone out and bought a lottery ticket. could've gotten any ol' obgyn list with another consultant, but to have the luck of the draw and be in his... man. yes, he came over to say hi. yes, he asked me for the umpteenth time what i was doing this year. yes, i had to list all my rotations out for him yet again. only saving graces were that the anesthesiologists and the nurses were saints.. and so was the med student attached to the obgyn prof. - knew him well enough to feel comfy around =)

that aside, first proper day back was an awful reminder of what life is supposed to be like. a very rude shock from my carefree days over summer in general. 8 cherries were my breakfast. a stick of gum in the car that i only spat out when i got home at 6.30pm today because i had no time to eat all day. gross as it may be, i was very unwilling to spit out the only vague resemblance of food i had access to, you see... came home tired and famished, brain fully saturated in a dulled but nice way. i feel like i could've gained a brain cell or two today so all's well. *groans at tomorrow*

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