so after all that, they are brave enough to ask me to come back and persuade other students to take the same path as me. the general consensus was a snort of disbelief and lotsa snickering - hit the reply button and just type "No." suggested one friend. fighting back the urge to do so was tough. there was also the devilish thought of agreeing, just to go and tell them all the horrible things these new students should look forward to. maybe even spill some exam questions or something. i fought back all 'em devil horns and put away my pitchfork and pointy tail to churn out a tame reply.. i think.

today, i got a reply to my reply. it's the day after the frickin talk for goodness sakes. this is why the obgyn dept over here shits me.

dude!! (for some reason, i've taken to exclaiming "dude!!" a lot lately.. yes, complete with the double exclamations. it's much more versatile - it could mean anything from "idiot!!" to "bitch!!" to "asshole!" and so on.) anyway. dude!! really.. i understand that you need to ask more people than you need for something with such short notice so that you'll have at least one person show up but was it really necessary to tell me that you didn't need me to go? a non-reply would've been perfect. had you contracted a case of itchy fingers and had the need to reply, a simple thank you for your reply would've been fine.. my eyes thank you, o ditzy one, for their long roll to the end of the world and back.

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