hurry up, tomorrow!

sitting alone here in my messy room does funny things to oneself. i got the green light today from both the year 4 and 5 year managers and the prof himself with regards to the exam board meeting this morning. "you've passed comfortably in all components and wasn't even discussed at the meeting. congratulations!" was what the prof said over the phone. finally. despite this, i'm still meeting him after results are officially released to see what went right this time around and why it took me so long to do so. i wanna know why i wasted nearly a whole year on the bloody subject, dammit.

so anyway.. still awaiting news on my application for the apartment. fingers crossed for that still. can't wait to start the shopping and the decorating! can't wait to start calling up the various utilities and compare broadband prices between companies. joy oh joy alright. something else i can't wait for may sound completely crazy but it's something i just feel like doing. something in line with the christmas spirit. at first, i wanted to get kaleidoscope involved with this toy drive stemming from child's play but i think i may have to stash the plans until next christmas. time's not on my side with this one. thought of doing something similar for the kids in the kiddie wards who will be there on christmas eve and christmas day by myself but i don't know what i'm dealing with and if it'd be really weird to approach M about it, or if he was the right person to approach in the first place. so then there's the salvo's christmas appeal that i thought would be fun. i mean, money aside.. how fun would it be to go on a shopping spree with a fixed amount of dollars at toys r us! never mind that i won't be playing with any of the things i buy, but still... it's all the more sweet to imagine the smiles the knick knacks will hopefully bring to some kiddie this christmas. i was gonna donate money and stuff, but if imma be spending the same amount of dollars.. why not have fun at the same time instead of merely sending in a check or clicking a donate button online? i need to make some phone calls tomorrow to see which plan would work and how... *rubs hands in glee*

i haven't completely lost the plot, have i?
and if i haven't.. would anyone like to go on my shopping spree with me?

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