sew, a needle pulling thread

after numerous episodes of self-harm of the sewing needle type, i'm nearly set with a dress i tried making. closest i've come to making any article of clothing would be the mini clothes hangers i twisted outta spare lengths of wire left over from an archi friend's model-making supply stash. having no clue where to start and armed with awesome pictures showing the dress in all sorts of angles from the webshop, i was using myself as a measuring tape, wrapping the yards of purple-grey velvet 'round me to guesstimate measurements. 'twas the best i could do before putting in the stitches. it eventually got taken to a tailor's for some ...straightening up but!!! i finished the rest off by weaving in the straps and all so i've been pretty happy with my own handiwork. do excuse the apparent humbleness =P

as usual, i digress. i had wanted to type out that "doe, a deer, a female deer" song from the sound of music as an excuse to post a pic of the dress when it came to "sew, a needle pulling thread" but the thought of finding an original picture from my digicam stash for each note quickly chased that notion outta the emptiness of my mind. funny thing, sewing is. very therapeutic, i must say. especially when one knows exams are looming and paperwork needs to be done...

anyway, decided to see if i could come up with a slightly updated version of the do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do song... the trouble with being too nonchalant about exams i s'pose. i still don't know what the hell i'm doing or where i'm headed towards regarding this semester. walkin' down a familiar road blindfolded, with pebbles disturbed from their previous places providing the occasional jolt and near-misses of tripping over. that's what this semester has felt like.. anyway, the song, the song! here it is =)

d'oh, the sound a simpson makes
rey, a so.cal m'rina town
mee, a yummy noodle lunch
fa, lung gong, a chinese cult?
sow, is what a farmer does
lah, a word from singapore
tee, a very cute jap boy
that will bring us back to d'oh!

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