forgive my corniness...  can't help but exuberantly exclaim that the nightmare's ova ova ova!! .....for now. *plays jaws music* =P even with the last i'll be seeing of obgyn (fingers crossed), there had to be a parting shot or two. just so that obgyn will forever be memorable. you know, because it's a specialty that i'll all too easily forget about. ahhuh. 

so the osces were today. thank goodness for little miracles. the official osce roster was uploaded last tuesday after verbal confirmation the friday before. i double checked arrival times last night, only to find that my name had magically decided to migrate to a different page altogether. not even a stray pixel could be seen. instead of showing up at 1pm, i was supposed to be showing up at 10.30am. thank you dear department secretary FOR LETTING ME KNOW. seriously, you can only imagine the awful situation had i shown up at 1pm today. "sorry dear, i'm afraid we're going to have to fail you again because we can't set up another round of osces just for one student and it was your fault for not checking the roster" ooh, that would've been a jolly sight for everyone present. you would've seen me scrunch up my face into something much more foul than draco malfoy's sneer at mudbloods.

apparently, the secretary said she had sent out 2 emails, one asking for a confirmatory reply indicating i agreed to the time swap. she had apparently called and left a message on my answering machine. "oh but it's on the computer upstairs. it'll tell you the time i sent it and the time the email was received. and i've called your phone before and gotten through so it must've been the right number i called" she explained. bullshit. too tired to call her bluff. i felt like saying
"look lady, i would have needed to click some sort of confirmation of receipt for you to know that i received your emails, let alone the time of receipt. how the hell would you know when i received your emails when i haven't received them? as for the phone calls, you forget that this happened during the appeals fiasco when you claimed you left msgs on my answering machine that i never got, let alone any indication of missed calls on my cell yet you have the gall to sit there and tell me it's my fault?!"

assuming it was my fault. i'll be nice here lady. assuming that you were oh so competent and did all that you claim to have.. how can you just assume i've received and agreed to the time swap, especially when you hadn't received any sort of communication or confirmation from me when the clock struck knocking-off time the day before the exams? really... no, i mean really. how the hell do you do your job?

*deep breaths, deep breaths..*

exam board meets on tuesday to finalize results. will get unofficial word via email by the end of the week as to whether i'll be needing to deal with the airhead again. if it comes to that, she'll be the least of my worries. anyway, the exams are over and done with. nothing much to do except hope that i didn't screw up! thank you for all the torrents of well-wishes and good luck in all their forms ~ they're all being put to good use! =)

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