do you know what i know?

i know it's not quite december yet but if the shopping center decor's anything to go by, christmas started in august after the massive end-of-the-financial-year sales. sooo.. it's ok to start the barrage of carols =) *starts humming*

for some odd reason, that particular song's been stuck in my head. been working on the xmas card exchange thingie for a few of the rbj people who've signed up too. i miss making a mess of my room and myself, burning myself with the glue gun and walking around oblivious to glitter that people point out two days later. never been good as a doodler.. never knew what to doodle! i don't know what you'd call this little finger itch of mine i periodically get. i wouldn't term it as craftsy. the closest thing i can come up with would be urm.. 3D-doodling? tonight's session was good =) not as therapeutic as it could've been because even tho exams are over, i still feel the weight of what-ifs hanging around. tummy's still in knots even though i know fully well it won't change a thing.

bleah. here i am, happily glowing from knowing that i've finished the exchange cards that nobody else can see until the recipients get 'em... happily glowing from knowing that i'm pretty sure A will like, or at least one aspect of her x'mas prezzie i got a few months back and anticipating smiles from both of the above (i hope!)... yet i wonder if i'm the only one with a sly grin. today's the day after the exams. results should be known by now, even if they haven't been collated. i wonder if the Prof's been sitting in his office today also happily glowing from knowing that i'll like what he knows regarding my exam results too. man, i sure hope so.

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