and the clock struck twelve

a frenzied week culminating with med ball, one of farewells, surprises and last minute dashes. a very bad state to be in with a bit over a week more til those dreaded exams but i wouldn't have missed this week for the world.. especially seeing that this was also the last week of obgyn.

mebbe that saying about birds of a feather flocking together is true ~ none of my friends have been able to quite put a finger to the emotions grumbling about within us. an effervescent mixture of bubbly happiness and elation at the fact that they're now all doctors with an occassional glimpse of something dark lurking about in the shadowy depths at the back of our minds. of course there's also the bittersweet aftertaste of realizing that this was it, that some of these people we've spent the past 5 years with will never again be part of our lives for various reasons.

yet, there were no tears last night at med ball. there nearly were but i blame the alcohol for that. especially when the offender with her glistening teary eyes perked up not five seconds later at some new idea that popped into her head and she was bouncing around, all smiles again. i surprised even myself, for i was expecting tears. in a way, it was a pleasant surprise to realize how strong some of the bonds actually are - so strong that there was never a doubt of ever losing contact even when the bond needed to be stretched interstate. you are talking to a veteran of major upheavals and painful uprootings, so to harbor such a strong conviction of remaining in touch is something major.. at least that's how i see it.
grad ball 2006 @ town hall
sadly, you must remember that this is the world of amy you've peeked into and there's bound to be a few hiccups in store. never mind that i was driving on the wrong side of the street for a couple tens of meters on our way home. never mind that i missed a turn on a route i've driven a million times before. never mind that my pooh bear got hurled a foot or two out of the car as someone got out and brought about squeals of horror. never mind that i gawked at a long-time friend of mine for at least 10 seconds trying to place her because she showed up with her hair straightened. (no, only half a glass of champagne was involved). i think the cherry on top would have to be the random breath testing as we got pulled over on the way home. what luck! of all the times, it had to be the night of the ball. the night where i've actually been drinking. hmph, really now. *glares at lady luck* been driving for 3.5 years and this would be the second RBT i've ever had.. the first would've been 3 months ago and that in itself was a fiasco because i had no clue i was suppsed to stop and where i was supposed to stop. the police had to literally chase my car, yelling and waving arms in their attempt to stop me.

so anyway, the random breath test. it definitely didn't help when i couldn't remember when i last finished my champagne, nor when someone volunteered that my last drink was half and hour ago and the rest of the backseat girls burst out into giggly protests. i could feel myself slinking down in the drivers' seat and the cop was looking very bemused when he asked me to count to ten. i hate counting to ten. feels like an idiot counting into some machine. i feel guilty of having raised blood alcohol levels even when i know i definitely don't. much like how i feel guilty for leaving a shop without buying anything whilst carrying large bags from other shops and hallucinate accusing stares from the salesgirls of shoplifting or something, especially when they ask to check the bags. is this the onset of some paranoid psychiatric disorder i'm developing? *shrug* will let you know in a few years' time =)

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