a tad too close to home

What have I done... *sigh* In a trademark amy blunder where words come tumbling out of my mouth without any semblence of preparation, I let slip about my bento craze to my mom yesterday. Of course, it's not called a blunder for nothing.. when these things happen, they precipitate a cascade of events that usually involve half-truths and white lies. grrr. I hate when I put myself into these situations.

Preempting the squirmish thought of fielding several questions from her, including "shouldn't you be studying?" ...I had to backtrack and tell her I was inspired by cookingcute.com. That opened up another can of potential worms of course... "Wow, how'd you come across this website? I can never find anything online, I don't know how to search"

Told her I just randomly stumbled across it. That's true! Upon further questioning out of sheer innocent curiosity on her part, I had to cross my fingers behind my back as I told her I found a cute picture searching for other things on Google Images and one click led to another... What really happened was that I stumbled onto the site via someone's LiveJournal blog. Telling her that would've been too close to home and let loose questions like "so who's blog was this? how did you know them? WHAT? online friend? what are you doing talking to people online?" which could spin off in several directions. It could lead down the "don't talk to strangers, I thought u were smarter than that" path or veer into the "no wonder you aren't focused on your work.. you spend all your time a-wasting online!" or goodness gracious, heaven forbid it go down the "who do you talk to online? do you have a boyfriend? who is the guy??" path. She hasn't been down that path for a while... And should it go down the "so why were you at the blog in the first place? do you have a blog?" ...well, I'd be screwed for not being able to say no without giving the fib away.

Despite seeing my mom more and more as a friend over the years, despite being able to chat about a hella lot more things and vice versa (gawd, rue the day she mentioned in passing what went on in the bedroom with my dad... or lack of. dear gawd. too. much. info. really. now you all can be as traumatized as me! muahaha! teehee)... despite breaking down some of those walls accumulated from yesteryear, some boundaries are still needed. When an old friend of mine cautioned me about not revealing their facebook account to the parents, it made me grin in realization that some things really don't change =)

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