it's ok only when you say so

it's ok to bend the rules a bit and give me credit for the 8 weeks of medicine i attended. that's more than 350 hours of being at the hospital, nevermind the study time for the long case and other things like helping out my registrar prepare a grand rounds presentation. it's not ok for them to bend the rules a bit by letting me catch up 8 weeks worth of classes consisting of around 240 hours at the hospital over summer despite both course supervisors giving me the green light.

it's ok when the prof shows up late or complete forgets to turn up for a tutorial.. or makes the whole group of us traipse down to the university only to find out he got the date wrong. it's not ok for me to miss a lecture i've been to twice already despite the cursory "well, you don't need to go but i think it'd be good for you to as revision" line from the prof. seriously.. talk about choice.

it's ok for the Islam community here to pardon comments by one of their own comparing unveiled women to uncovered pieces of meat or proclaiming that scantily dressed women incited rape. supporters say the comments have been taken out of context. sure, that's a possibility and he might have possibly been quoting something for all we know. i just find it hypocrytical that it's ok for one of their own to make comments like that inciting such huge public outcry but it wasn't ok for the Pope to make certain comments in his speech a few months back despite the explanation that the Pope was quoting someone who died centuries ago. Both comments when taken out of context could be construed as atrocious yet one can be quickly pardoned and even condoned whilst the other had to be dragged through mud and gunk. nice going. story snippet here

don't get me wrong - this isn't me being biased against the Islam community. it's merely me unable to shut up about the inconsistency i see in the situation. like i've said before, one of my biggest pet peeves would be hypocrites and people who break promises. should be be one of those, beware the evil death stare of amy!


as a tag on, something else that i'm unable to shut up about. yes, it bugged me that much. enough to blab about it so here goes..

it's ok for people to hurl insults mostly based on superficial observations and extrapolated conjectures at one when the only contact has been several photographs. i'm referring to a certain someone from my alma mater (*sigh* how utterly embarrasing) ruffling many a feather in the singaporean blogosphere with her comments as reproduced by the link. the original blog's apparently been ceased and in true scandal protocol, key links, urls and photos have gone missing. yes, i realize that some of the responses at the forum may be tongue-in-cheek and banter spawned for varoius reasons but i see it as more of a "pot calling the kettle black" in this situation. i don't agree with the opinions originally expressed by the 18 year old, but i don't see how passing judgement based on her photos are any better than her passing judgement on the rest of the "non-elitist" citizens. sure, it might not be of the same severity but runs a parallel course. i'm sure it wouldn't be ok if any one of the commentators was in her position and others slung 'em through mud and grime. i'm sure it wouldn't be ok if any one of the commentators got a similar backlash from the girl herself, commenting on a past photo she happened to dig up. i can't speak for the rest of you when i say that i'm sure it wouldn't be ok, but merely what i'd imagine feeling like in such a situation.

it's ok only when you say so, huh?

really. everyone has opinions. some are right, some are wrong. some agree with your own, others don't. sure, it's ok to disagree but it' all goes badly inane when people take it to a personal level and start with personal insults. kinda reminds me of the tibian forums (i.e. "you have such a high-levelled character, you're such a power abuser, you have no life, you must be some ugly pimply nerd with no friends that sit at home 24/7 playing tibs and can't get laid") or politics.. or real life. *sigh* gimme back my fairytales =(

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