hungry hungry hippos

hungry hungry hippos indeed. that's what the past two weeks have been like... a mad frenzy of activity propelling me towards a vague goal, one that gets forgotten quite easily in the flurry of events.

lotsa things still left to do. wouldn't be surprised if some of them hungry hungry hippos missed out chomping down on many a lost plastic ball in the midst of it all. can't wait for the end of the year, for that will mean many a happy thing! apartment hunting and the clean new canvas ready for decoration and color schemes, celebration week (corny as the name may be) with graduation ball invites, freedom from faculty tightwads...

in the meantime, will leave you with another type of happy ~ it's how i've been destressing of late! makes for some interesting lunch conversations up in m'land on many a slow afternoon =)

is it safe to come out?beep beep!happy beep beep!nemo's cousin?

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