left for dead

count backwards from ten.. count backwards slowly. deep breaths. deeeep breaths.

screw it.


dear idiots,

what the hell is wrong with you people?!?!
first, you email me in the middle of the fricking day to tell me i failed a subject, feel free to contact you if i have any questions or worries.

my life goes on, you morons. don't you understand that i have commitments to fulfill and classes to attend to?

you leave me hanging for more than a month after pointless meetings that are a waste of everyone's time. you call me today on my cell phone and leave a message. thank you for having the brains to do that. i'm sorry you didn't have the brains to figure out that continuing my year 5 rotation means i have ward rounds to attend to, things to learn and presumably have 9 - 5 days.

oh excuse me, i'm sorry i forgot you have no concept of what a student's life entails. after all, all you do is plan our timetables. i'm truly sorry you have no concept of what most other people consider a day job.. one that runs from nine to five at least. i forgot your hours only run from eleven to twelve. and i'm sorry i forgot you were blonde. spending a whole 8 weeks in the same building as you must've affected me more than it should've.

you call to tell me there's something urgent, please call back. since you're already on the phone talking to my answering machine, why couldn't you have told me what it was about? you said you'd leave a message on my home phone just in case i didn't get the msg you left on my cell. i saw blinking lights on my home answering machine so i delete your cell msg. were one of the 5 msgs on my machine from you? sadly not. now we probably have some baffled soul somewhere out there wondering "who the hell is this airhead" when they check their answering machine tonight.

fricking idiots. yes, you. i'm talking to you. thank you for leaving me hanging, thank you for screwing the rest of my night. there's no point worrying about it, i know. when you leave me a half-baked message telling me it's urgent and leave me no means of finding out the answer until at least 12 hours have passed, do you truly believe anyone in my shoes wouldn't be at least a tad ruffled? i'm only human. oh, my apologies. you wouldn't understand.

i should so sue u all for emotional trauma but that would be a waste of resources. if anything, you guys are completely responsible for turning me into a bitter ranting bitch who will eventually be responsible for other human lives. now do you really want someone mentally unstable treating you when you fall sick? should you encounter one in the near future, you only have yourselves to blame.

in the meantime, i will be watching out for your nominations for the darwinian awards. good luck. with your track record, i'm sure you'll make it into the top 10 any time now.

from the bottom of my heart, and i mean bottom bottom. like 6 feet under..

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