i promised K a few days back to fill out his meme. argh, so much for my typical taurean stubborness... i've relented, i've succumbed. never was into filling out memes but with this current spate of hollow head syndrome, even the task of coming up with some simple pleasures seems daunting.

can't seem to get a certain phrase outta my head.. brainfart. thanks sume *grins* that's made its way onto my list of favorite new words right alongside technolust and gnarrghh, hehe.

anyway, onto some life's simple pleasures... won't be tagging anyone else unless they feel compelled to share their own simple pleasures =) trying not to repeat simple pleasures already said, here's mine in no particular order ~

  • making someone smile or laugh.. or both
  • being greeted by a bright blue sky and white fluffy clouds
  • tumbled dried laundry, fresh from the dryer
  • being able to blow one's nose when it's runny
  • walking out of the examination hall feeling one was going to pass... knowing so is totally different
  • having long lost friends remember you
  • doodling
  • a lazy morning spent lolling around in bed
  • fresh flowers around the room
  • a box of piping hot fries as the first meal of the day despite the clock chiming 3pm
in the spirit of the word of the day, brainfarts, this is a mini one coming up ~ declaring my bizzare obsession with chickens by chucking a random pic of a few of the chooks i've got laying around the room. they're not my favorite animals but i've always had this affinity to 'em, being born in the year of the rooster/chicken. they're as good an animal as any to start a collection with, i suppose. some people choose frogs or thimbles but it's chooks for me =) the choc chicken finally died anj... i ate him up as my late night snack last night and this is as close as you'll ever get to making me eat a whole chicken =P

anyone ordered chicken?

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