stark raving mad

have you ever come across a complete stranger and taken an instant disliking to them within the first five seconds? it matters not that you know nothing about them. the fact that they must obviously have something good in them because other people can see it is irrelevant. all you feel is this overwhelming urge to knock some sense into them, especially if they hail from your hometown. you feel drowned by wave of incredulous embarrasment at some of the blantantly ridiculous things they splutter, for it contradicts all that you've known.

i came across such a person today. this is worse than my aversion to kirsten dunst, much much worse. (i am clueless about the validity of this quote from imdb, but they've quoted her saying "I think vegetarians - for a lot of them - it's about a lack of commitment to life and relationships. There are some who just like the fact that they're controlling something in their life." wtf? now really...) anyway. this! this angst! over a complete stranger! gnaargh. i know i'd be stirring up more unnecessary angst if i take the bull by the horns and actually voice my frustrations so i shouldn't, yet this feeling of righteousness... to sort out the ridiculousness, to slap some sense into the senseless is really quite overpowering. being a typical taurian, i'm as stubborn as they come. arghhhh. such a pickle...

has it boiled down to this? a sad state of life where i don on my police helmet and patrol cyberspace? a mental image of ned flanders in a straightjacket, confronted by a projection film of his childhood days as a terrorizing tot just flashed before my eyes. goodness... is this some repressed anger that's suddenly springboarded into the picture? hope not. in the words of will being a ned-clone, no didley doo.

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